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Enterprise Content Management Solutions for Smart Cities

Empowering cities and municipalities of all sizes, iLLiCO by NeoLedge helps elected officials and city managers simplify content management, automate business processes and strengthen citizen engagement. Unlike traditional disconnected systems, iLLiCO is integrated, turnkey, easy to use and optimized for multiple channels and devices. Modern mobility and innovative features enable smart cities to support growth and build connected communities.


Improve Citizen
Service Experience

Helping cities large and small improve the way they collaborate with residents, our app Elise City enables citizens to submit queries and track the progress of their requests 24/7. With dashboards in place you can quickly identify and prioritize documents, view internal handling processes and streamlining decision-making.

Secure and Organize
Digital Assets

When it comes to protecting the privacy of citizens, iLLiCO has you covered. Enabling cities to connect documents, email and data into a secure, centralized location—you’ll appreciate how easy it is to manage workflows and simplify tedious business processes. With encryption, robust access controls and certified authentication—safeguarding content is just a few clicks away.

Information Silos

iLLiCO empowers teams to work better together by connecting disparate data across departments and channels. Gaining quick access to electronic government documents, employees can get what they need, when they need it. And with a fast, reliable and secure electronic filing system—they’ll be able to deliver superior customer service.

Standardize Data Collection
and Responses

Connect your content and support fast, accurate answers to citizens with the ECM solution Elise. Using digital forms and workflows to collect and route business processes, you’ll be able to accelerate the time it takes to respond to questions. With added support for mobile devices—iLLiCO makes it easy for citizens to stay connected to their city.


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