NeoLedge and RFC : New Formal Partnership Agreement

Press Release – Tunis, March 11, 2019

NeoLedge and RFC are pleased to announce a formal partnership agreement combining experience and expertise to provide Tunisian companies with a unique cloud offering.

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NeoLedge and RFC: A partnership built on years of collaboration

To support organizations engaged in a digital transformation, NeoLedge (Archimed Group SA) offers innovative tools to electronically manage content, simplify collaboration between teams and strengthen relationships with third parties. As a value-added specialist in IT infrastructure solutions, RFC excels at assistance, support, training and consulting services in advanced infrastructure technologies.

The collaboration between RFC and NeoLedge began in 2006. Since then, several projects have been carried out together in order to combine the expertise of the publisher and the integrator. This has increased the efficiency and added value for customers.

A unique cloud offering to support African companies

In 2019, RFC and NeoLedge therefore chose to sign a partnership between the two companies to continue collaboration. With XpressAzure, an offer designed to help its customers keep their sensitive data in Tunisia while benefiting from the advantages of a trusted cloud system, this partnership is gaining new momentum.

NeoLedge and RFC will provide an Elise ECM solution developed and optimized for the cloud, including a service offer developed by RFC. This new offer will enable all companies to benefit from a high-performance, subscription-based service without any major upfront investment and with a guarantee of quality, security and availability.

Signing Ceremony of Agreements between Microsoft, Cisco, NeoLedge and RFC
Signing Ceremony of Agreements between Microsoft, Cisco, NeoLedge and RFC, and the launch of the « local Cloud XpressAzure » offering – in the presence of HE Mr. Minister of Communication and Digital Economy and HE Mr. Ambassador of the United States of America to Tunisia.
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