NeoLedge flies to the USA with Impact USA Accelerator Program

Each year, BPI France and Business France select high potential IT start-ups and help them develop their business in the United States. This is the second promotion sent this year 2018, and NeoLedge is proud to be part of it!

Impact USA, a well-proven accelerator program

Launched by BPI France and Business France in 2014, the Impact USA accelerator program has already supported more than 59 French startups in the US market. After 6 weeks of coaching, the program offers the 8 finalists 10 weeks of support from Business France advisors based in the United States.

“This on-site incubation is essential. After a successful establishment in Canada over the past 2 years, we now want to take over the American market. And for that, we are supported on all fronts: HR, legal, or market adequacy.”

Christian Serrure emphasizes, as Chief Executive Officer at NeoLedge.

For the selected companies, the program will start on October 8 in either San Francisco or New York – where NeoLedge will also meet DreamQuark, Lunii and WeProov, the other finalists hosted on the Silicon Valley campus. NeoLedge will be supported to rework on its development priorities, define its marketing strategy and its articulation with the sales approach in this new market.

“With the Impact USA accelerator program, we benefit from very high quality support but also from a plethora of networking opportunities. There is not only the BPI network itself, but also the exchanges with other startups, which is very rich because although we have different contexts, we find ourselves on the essential.”

NeoLedge selected for its new offer illico

Launched in June by NeoLedge, illico solution powered by NeoLedge was the focus of attention to take part of the Impact USA accelerator program. Dedicated to the booming segment of Smart Cities, illico empowers cities and municipalities with an integrated, multi-channel solution, designed to simplify content and mail management, automate business processes and strengthen citizen engagement.

“NeoLedge has a strong expertise in electronic mail management. With illico, we have integrated this expertise into a global offer dedicated to a 360° citizen relationship management and designed exclusively for cities and municipalities.”

Jean-Nicolas Carnet explains, as Regional Director North America.

“Today, our challenge is to adapt this offer to the American market, and above all to adjust our communication. Each market has its own codes and vocabulary; we will learn to make the perfect pitch presentation to demonstrate illico’s high benefits for citizens!”

This program will no doubt be a real boost to NeoLedge’s continued expansion in North America.


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Find out more about Impact USA – Kickstart your business in the U.S.

Discover illico, integrated, multi-channel management software solution for cities.

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