NeoLedge Announces 35% Growth in First Quarter of 2017

NeoLedge GrowthNeoLedge is proud to announce 35% growth the first quarter of 2017, the third consecutive year the organization has enjoyed double-digit growth. For more than 25 years, NeoLedge has been a leader in Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions and joins a strong movement of growth for French companies.

At the heart of NeoLedge’s success is a strategic, unified approach to expansion with a commitment to ongoing innovation. The company continues to build on its French strategy while adding a growing partner network across Europe, Africa and North America to provide businesses with proven NeoLedge ECM solutions and support.

“The impressive growth we are seeing with NeoLedge is a result of our strategy for diversification and international development. The confidence of our clients and partners has enabled us to continuously achieve our objectives,” explains Eric Ruyffelaere, NeoLedge General Director. “NeoLedge strives to become the leading European ECM software publisher from 2020 onward.”

The tenacious teams at NeoLedge are consistently working on future expansion of products and markets to continue this exceptional growth. As companies move towards digital transformation and mobility, Elise Cloud—a new cloud-based version of their popular ECM solution—is just one way NeoLedge is helping their partners and customers drive business into the future.

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