Introducing the New Elise Statistics Plug-In

At NeoLedge, we always look forward to developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Conceived from the latest Business Intelligence (BI) technologies, let us introduce our new statistics plug-in for Elise.

Keep an eye on your strategic data

Our new statistics plug-in allows you to compare, quantify and qualify your strategic data at a glance. You can access your statistical data on the web, in real time, from any device.

Elise’s database is made up of all your content, documents, files and even your organizational chart. It automatically feeds a multidimensional statistics database in a tabular format. This modeling approach provides access to performance statistics and enables you to edit your own reports or dashboards. With Elise statistics, you can though make easier decisions to boost business performance.

Download the product brochure to discover the new features of our statistics plug-in and how Elise helps you to monitor your performance and analyze your data :

Download Product Sheet

Elise Statistics Plug-In Technical facts

  • The statistics plug-in is included with NeoLedge ECM solutions.
  • Existing Elise users must have the latest update of Elise to fully benefit from new statistics features.
  • The new statistics database requires SQL Server 2016.
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