NeoLedge sees global expansion success with help from Microsoft GTM Services

Partnership MicrosoftWhile NeoLedge had made significant progress on global expansion efforts on their own, Christian Serrure, Chief Product Officer at NeoLedge said they realized they had hit a point where they could use some help building a partner program as a means of furthering the company’s global expansion efforts. That was when they turned to Microsoft.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services program, NeoLedge was able to participate in the Microsoft Global Expansion program. NeoLedge worked with Microsoft-sponsored agency AIM International to develop a strategy for global expansion, including producing a partner program playbook.

Working with Microsoft to develop global expansion has already started to bear fruit for NeoLedge.

“Microsoft connected us with Canadian company R3D, which went on to become our first Canadian partner,” Serrure said. “Thanks to this partnership, we won our first North American customer, the City of Sherbrooke, which chose our solutions, Elise and Elise City.”

Read the full article on the Microsoft GTM website

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