Elise City, improve your Citizen Relationship Management

Elise City, improve your Citizen Relationship Management | NeoLedge

It has become necessary for collectivities to discuss their digital transition; some cities will elaborate a full Smart City plan. Some other cities will go with a few-by-few plan by deploying smart applications to improve their Citizen Relationship Management. In any case, we witness the rise of the smart city and NeoLedge wishes to accompany you in this transition.


A mobile app linked to your ECM Elise

Elise City, improve your Citizen Relationship Management | NeoLedge

Elise City is an app aiming to improve your Citizen Relationship Management (CRM). Linked to your CRM solution Elise, it makes it possible for citizens to speak up and bring their queries to their collectivity via a Smartphone.

As a communal tool linking citizens and their collectivity, the application geo-locate the citizens’ inquiries and send them real-time notifications about the progress of its treatment. The application relies on the cloud service Elise Cloud and the Open311 protocol.

Through Elise City, the CRM solution Elise is given a new communication channel. This channel will complete requests made via mail, email, website forms, phone or in-person mode.

This multi-channel application manages incoming and outgoing information. This way it ensures exchanges’ traceability and improves treatments delays. It also strengthens the image the citizens and social and economic partners have of the city.

The city can entirely configure the Elise City application: design, request types, under what name the application is published and other items.

Scenario example

A citizen is taking a walk in the city and sees graffiti on a company’s wall. She will open the app, geo-locate her position, classify her request in the deterioration or graffiti tab, and attach a picture. The request can be anonymous.

This is then sent to the collectivity and managed from the software Elise, ECM, Electronic Mail Management and CRM solution. It will then go through a pre-set treatment process, defined according to the services catalogue.

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Elise city is an app that is available 24/7 and handles a high requests frequency. It guaranties a strong security and is a highly scalable service.

Elise City, improve your Citizen Relationship Management | NeoLedge

Adapted to all collectviy sizes, the Elise solution optimises your communication with the city. Its dashboards enable decision makers (directors and elected representatives) to identify and prioritize demands efficiently, as well as improve decision making processes.

By connecting Elise to the Elise City application, you offer to your citizens the possibility to process their query in a simple and effective way, from their mobile phone.

According to a MMAF study, 24,3 million people use a smartphone each day. Also, more than 344.3 million smartphones were sold world-wide in 2017 according to IDC. Thanks to the Open311 protocol, available in your ECM Elise, you enable your citizens to communicate with their collectivity more efficiently.

Give your citizens the opportunity to become actors of their city and communicate with their collectivety anytime, anywhere.

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You have a Smart City project and wish to offer a complete application to your citizen? Contact us for a demonstration!

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