6 Advantages of Cloud Solutions vs. On-Premise Systems

Like many business leaders, you’ve probably seen plenty of headlines about new, innovative cloud-based technology. A move to the cloud could be in your near future or maybe a bit further down the line but, either way, it is likely to happen in the future and you should start educating yourself today.

Cloud-based Solutions Offer These 6 Key Advantages Over On-Premise Systems

Technology is constantly changing and your customers and competitors are watching how you respond. Many of today’s business management solutions weren’t designed for the fast-paced, digital demands of modern consumers. You can no longer depend on cookie-cutter software or servers that are only available during “office hours.” Software has become increasingly tailored to unique business sectors and even further customized to specific business processes. This new take on technology is taken one step further with how it’s deployed. A cloud-based solution offers several advantages that you won’t find with an on-premise deployment, a few of which are highlighted below:

1 – Affordability

dollar imageCloud-based solutions eliminate the need for your own internal servers and other hardware to manage complicated business systems. In addition, it reduces the dependence on an IT department. Small- and medium-sized businesses may not have the budget to hire skilled IT experts to manage and maintain complicated systems or deploy appropriate security measures to protect data. Right from the start, the cloud reduces the costly capital investment in an expensive on-premise infrastructure. You can take that money and invest it in growing your business, not your IT burden.

2 – Scalability

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Many cloud solutions offer simple scalability to add or remove users, add or change functionality, as well as add or restrict access for certain users to specific functions or data. This flexibility ensures that your employees can perform their job tasks efficiently. Yet, you still save money and increase security by tailoring these features at the departmental or employee level.

3 – Mobility

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More workers are spending time outside of the office which can lead to a disconnection to important information, forms or data when using on-premise systems. The cloud delivers the same functionality and fast access to information to your remote workers. Data can be accessed nearly anywhere, anytime and on most mobile devices. Easy access to important business information maintains a high level of productivity and encourages greater communication and collaboration. Plus, this mobility and flexibility is also an excellent way to attract and retain the talent you need.

4 – Room for growth

The cloud has the power to crunch large datasets, which can cause delays with on-premises systems if your IT technical architecture is not up-to-date. This extra space, combined with powerful business intelligence features, enables leaders to dive deeper and gain consolidated visibility into volumes of data. You can follow key performance indicators and other metrics to identify trends that would otherwise be too difficult to do when patching together reports from disparate systems.

5 – Speed

picto tableau bord rond jauneData is a key factor to success in this digital era. Data is what drives quick, strategic decision-making and what propels your business forward. The cloud keeps you and your leaders connected to real-time data, so you can keep making the business decisions that drive growth.

6 – Security

The security of proprietary and private client data is a concern for all businesses. Cloud providers often have access to higher levels of security features than many businesses, even those with highly skilled IT experts, can provide internally. Encryption and redundant backups at multiple locations protect data and streamline recovery efforts in the event of an on-site or natural disaster.

While current systems appear successful right now, technology is changing.  So is your business. Moving to the cloud may not be an immediate decision, but it does offer clear advantages. Mobility, scalability, and flexibility are factors that support businesses in today’s crowded, fast-paced marketplace.

That’s why NeoLedge continues to innovate and offer cloud-based Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions for forward-thinking businesses. Contact our team anytime for help and more information on driving growth with the cloud.

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