InVivo starts its digital transformation project with Elise ECM

InVivo has chosen Elise, the ECM solution to handle its digital transformation project. Find out what has been set up by the first French agricultural cooperative.

Change management: InVivo’s digital transformation

Working with digital tools

InVivo is an agricultural cooperative group, organized around four fields of expertise: agriculture, nutrition and animal health, retail and wine. InVivo has a network of more than 220 cooperatives in 31 countries around the world.

Within the framework of its strategic plan for 2025, InVivo chose to focus on digital transformation through a human and technological project called “InVivo Tech 2020”. In order to encourage new remotely and collaborative ways of working, InVivo has decided to get equipped with an ECM solution.

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The main expectations for this project

A central problematic covers the main expectations for this project: to rethink the enterprise’s internal communication and to reorganize the document flows. InVivo starts its digital transformation project with Elise ECM | NeoLedge

Setting up a transversal and collaborative ECM solution such as Elise enables InVivo to:

  • Significantly reduce paper storage costs,
  • Centralise all documents coming from different services in order to improve and facilitate their sharing,
  • Have their incoming and outgoing mails automatically handled by type (invoice, contract, invitation…) through the creation of a digitization division,
  • Entirely digitize the invoice treatment process: reception, attribution to the right accounting service, validation, data registration in the business software, electronic signature,
  • Mostly, be a lead firm in invoice digitization. Indeed, even though the legislation is not rigid in terms of documents digitization yet, investing today in a content management solution enables InVivo to prevent some constraints by thinking ahead about these issues.

Finally, to benefit from a true ROI by setting up invoice digitization systems in member cooperatives or suppliers.

The electronic content management solution Elise was the ideal solution for this cooperative group, to meet their goal of optimizing their in-house body and to effectively enhance their daily processes’ productivity.

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