How Your Team Can See Immediate Results By Joining The Digital Revolution

Did you know that if you have stacks of paper strewn around your place of business it is costing you a tremendous amount of time, work, and money? A recent study found that approximately 7.5% of paper based documents end up being lost? On top of that, another 3% of paper based documents are filed incorrectly. That means over 10% of your documents are lost or missing at all times. Does that sound like a smart way to conduct business? The answer is a resounding no. Did you know that it costs over $2,000 in labor per year to maintain a normal sized filing cabinet?


That can certainly add up quickly. For example, if you have ten (10) filing cabinets, you’re looking at spending $20,000 per year in labor costs in order to maintain them. Once again, does that sound like a smart way to conduct business? The bottom line is that if you don’t have an electronic document management system in place already you’re organization is losing a lot of money and you may not even realize it. First and foremost, you and your team will see immediate results by joining the digital revolution because you’ll be able to collaborate better.


Electronic document management makes sharing documents a whole lot easier: documents are captured from multiple sources and can be easily accessed from different locations. In essence, documents can be easily shared through scanning, email, text, and over the Internet. That provides your organization with a far better workflow. When workflow organization increases, so does productivity. The good news is that you will start to see the results of this immediately in increased productivity. You’ll also start saving money right away by getting rid of those paper files and filing cabinets.


Earlier in this article we mentioned that a standard filing cabinet costs you $2,000 per year in labor costs. It also costs you money in the form of space, and commercial property costs are expensive. The 20 filing cabinets from our earlier example take about approximately 60 square feet of floor space. In most major cities, office space can average $50 or even more per square foot. So, if you multiply 60 square feet by $50 per square foot it equals $3,000 per month in rent just to house those filing cabinets. Joining the digital revolution will save you approximately $5,000 per month in unnecessary costs per filing cabinet alone.


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