How the Medical Industry Can Benefit From Automation

Did you know that in addition to advances in medicine and medical equipment there is another technological advancement that is changing the medical industry as a whole? It’s called automation. In essence, automation provides far greater effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare. It also provides healthcare workers with the ability to utilize the most advanced strategies and systems available. The bottom line is that automation offers consistently outstanding outcomes. That is why the medical industry can truly benefit from automation.  

Automation is not only transforming the healthcare field today, it is also paving the way for even greater advancements to come. In the medical industry, automation could look as simple as a daily batch of text or email messages that remind patients of their upcoming appointments. When patients fail to appear for appointments without calling to cancel or reschedule it tends to drain the healthcare providers resources. That being stated, the use of text notifications can significantly improve patient attendance at hospitals and clinics.  

According to a recent study published by researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, patients who receive notifications are 23% more likely to show up for their appointments when compared to patients who are not notified. In addition, patients who receive notifications are 25% less likely to no show for their appointments. In addition, automation is a tool that the medical industry can utilize to significantly reduce the strain on healthcare related systems. For example, automating healthcare processes such as booking appointments, the communication of medical notes, and processing prescriptions free up clinician time.  

That in turn improves the overall care of the patients. Automation can also call upon a particular database that both detects and warns medical professionals of known issues with certain drug interactions. It can provide complete patient histories, encourage intradepartmental collaboration, streamline processes, and much more. Automation can also help medical organizations take better care of their patients. For example, another recent study deducted doctors typically spend 14 percent of their time dealing with administration related paperwork. If all that paperwork is automated, it means that doctors could spend a whole lot more of their time with their patients or learning new things that will help them become even better doctors.  

In essence, all manual data entry processes should be automated. The bottom line is that doing things the old way is nothing but a waste of time and resources, which of course means that it’s also a waste of money.   

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