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Seamless Integration and Mobility

From electronic signature to Outlook integration, you can easily adapt Elise to manage documents wherever your business takes you.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

With Elise, you can manage and centralize all email messages and trigger a business process without ever leaving Microsoft Outlook.


  • Add the Elise Add-on for Outlook (on-premise or Office 365) 
  • Forward emails and attachments to Elise with contact attachment and duplicate detection 
  • Launch a process as soon as an email message or document is received


  • You can trigger a process for any incoming document as soon as it arrives 
  • You eliminate duplicates, establish responsibilities and enforce processes without leaving your email 
  • You can integrate ECM into your messaging solution without constraints

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Elise integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint, extending its capabilities and your ability to collaborate.


  • Add the Elise Add-on for SharePoint (on-premise or Office 365) 
  • Use the “Send to SharePoint” function from Elise 
  • Search for Elise content from SharePoint


  • You can start a process or create an enterprise document from a file stored in a Microsoft SharePoint library 
  • You can use SharePoint’s collaborative features on Elise content 
  • You can offer your users a unified search experience across your enterprise content

Microsoft Office Integration

Elise interfaces with Microsoft Office to simplify editing and collaborative work on Office documents. One click and it’s saved directly in Elise!

Directly edit Microsoft Office Documents contained in Elise ECM


  • Directly edit (in WebDav mode) documents contained in Elise 
  • Install Libre Office and Office automation tools on the user’s workstation 
  • Access documents via File Explorer


  • You can continue using familiar Office tools to create, edit and annotate your corporate content 
  • You can integrate the solution into your IT infrastructure without constraints 
  • You naturally integrate the solution into your employees’ daily work environment

Electronic Signature Integration

Elise makes it easy and secure to sign electronically with a certificate or affix the image of your signature to documents from your computer or tablet.

Electronic Signature Interface with Elise Flow


  • Get an interface dedicated to electronic signature options with Elise Flow 
  • Electronically sign documents from your web browser, tablet or mobile application 
  • Multiple electronic signature options


  • You get the electronic signature feature as an integrated component of Elise 
  • You ensure every user benefits from Elise’s workflows and electronic signature features 
  • Adapt electronic signature to your needs from handwritten signatures to the most stringent regulatory requirements with proof of authenticity
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