A Few Ways That a Document Management System Helps Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Perhaps the most impressive things about the electronic information revolution is the fact that thousands upon thousands of pages of documents can be searched in mere seconds. In essence, you can use names, specific keywords, and other information to retrieve data at the press of a button or tap on the screen. That being stated, there is another aspect to this technologically advanced convenience; it is principally worrisome for people who handle sensitive information on a regular basis.


For example, local government agencies, hospitals, financial service providers, educational institutions, and many small to mid-size businesses store personal and private information about there constitutes, patients, clients, students, and customers. That means these organizations need to employ the proper document management systems in order to keep data safe and secure at all times. In essence, it takes a multiple pronged approach that begins with a document encryption solution. Did you know that encrypting data and information in general means making that data and information unreadable through an algorithm.


Thanks to recent developments in encryption technology, the algorithms are far more complex than they were in the past. In essence, they are all but unbreakable. That means it is now incredibly difficult if not next to impossible for computer hackers to steal information. The bottom line is that an ingrained document management software makes it incredibly difficult for outsiders to gain access to sensitive documents. Even of a computer hacker happens to obtain access to the storage media on which that data is stored, they won’t be able to gain access to the data without the proper credentials.


The good news is that this goes an incredibly long way in preventing tampering and utilization of the data. If you work with medical data, or financial information there are rules and regulations that enforce the safety and security of the data and information. This must be provided for in the document management system. In fact, document management systems that are designed for the medical and financial industries should always be compliant with the HIPPA and SARBANES-OXLEY regulations. That way, organizations can stay up to date with the regulatory agencies that govern their industries.


Just as important, it enables those organizations to ensure that the private, personal, medical, and financial information of their patients and clients is properly secured.


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