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North America


Tact Group, headquartered in Montreal, is a group of companies that specialize in document conversion and processes workflow. Tact is a leading supplier of products, services and solutions to help businesses and governments to capture, transmit, store and access their documents. Tact Group services Canada and Florida.

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R3D Conseil Inc.

Recognized as one of the 20 leading firms in professional IT services in Canada. R3D Conseil Inc. provides consulting services in management and information technologies with more than 500 employees in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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One Sky is an IT distributor based in Canada. One Sky has wide expertise in software and product management.

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IRIS is a recognized specialist in digitization and intelligent document recognition. IRIS suite of tools include OCR software, document and form recognition and capture, PDF compression, scanners and digital pens.

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IRISKern RH Solutions

Kern RH Solutions supports you on a daily basis to address both paper and digital documentary issues.

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Outils OcéansOutils Océans

Outils Oceans provides mail services and turnkey logistics solutions for large corporations and government agencies. Their customers including companies in banking, insurance, government agencies and healthcare.

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Belharra Numérique

Belharra teams have acquired significant experience in the implementation of collaborative solutions, designed on open source technologies or existing application platforms. With a deliberately business-oriented approach, Belharra meets a real need of decision-makers, in an economic context that demands ever greater productivity and traceability in operations.

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Ilem Group

Ilem Group is a Swiss specialist of digital services. With more than 175 employees working in different domains, it has subsidiaries in Switzerland, France and Morocco. Created in 2001, it serves more than 60 customers and has become one of the most competitive IT services companies in Switzerland. Ilem Group has a strong local expertise and knowledge of each market specificities while keeping an international vision.

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Réactis is an IT service company with expertise in enterprise content management. Reactis helps companies structure their ECM processes and supports clients with the integraton of new technologies and mobile solutions. Reactis has more than 100 employees in in France, Germany, Canada and Italy and supports customers in local government, aeronautics, pension and provident funds as well as the defense sector.

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C2i Karaibes provides authorities, public administrations and private companies in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guyana with a professional, skilled and high-performance IT structure.  A longtime partner with Neoledge, C2iK specializes in integrating Elise into client’s existing systems.

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ITG Store

ITGStore specializes IT services and infrastructure integration. Based in Cameroon, ITG covers Cameroon, Niger, Chad and the DR Congo. ITG Store provides also services in Outsourcing and Nearsourcing.

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IHM Technologies

IHM Technologies specializes in publishing and integrating IT solutions and security solutions. It is based in Morocco. The company benefits from technological partnerships across the world in order to guide organizations in their digital transformation.

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Created in 1997, LOGICIELS ET SERVICES (LS) GABON is a Gabonese company providing IT services and specializing in the implementation of computerized management solutions.

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