Supervise your documents with Elise Flow

Elise Flow is an application proposed by NeoLedge that allows you to optimize the supervision and validation of many documents. This application, integrated with Elise Enterprise Content Management (ECM), gives you access to all Elise features. Consulting, annotating, dispatching and signing your documents with ease is now possible with Elise Flow!

Going paperless has never been so easy… Supervise your documents through digital use!

Elise Flow, bien plus qu'un parapheur électronique

Thousands of documents are circulating every day through the different departments of your company. Gain in productivity thanks to processes digitization and full suppression of paper flows. Supervise, approve and sign your documents in a completely dematerialiez way !

Elise Flow is based on a simple and intuitive interface, which facilitates action and interaction in real time. Quickly access to documents of your employees and supervise your workspace thanks to an interface focused on what is essential.

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Elise Flow offers you more than a reliable electronic signature tool

It guides your company through its digital transition

Elise Flow helps you to electronically consult, annotate, dispatch and sign your documents (sets of documents or single ones).

signature électronique avec la parapheur Elise Flow

At your office or while traveling, with your mouse or stylus, Elise Flow gives you access to your Elise ECM anywhere and anytime. You are able to supervise any circulating document through your company.

With a simple and user-friendly interface, based on touch-screen experience, Elise Flow provides an easy way to managers to approve and sign documents.