Our certified partner IHM guides the Secretary of State of Morocco with its digitization project

The Secretary of State of Morocco got involved in an electronic content management project in collaboration with our certified partner IHM which will set up Elise ECM Solution.

Who is the Secretary of State of Morocco?

This is the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development in charge of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Morocco. This institution supports government projects concerning environment and sustainable development.

The project in collaboration with IHM :

IHM guides the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State was already equipped with an ECM solution since many years and has decided, at the end of its contract, to look for a new ECM solution.

Our certified partner IHM, specialized in edition and integration of IT solutions, was collaborating with the Secretary of State since a few years and has then suggested it our Elise ECM Solution.

NeoLedge will then supply the assistance necessary to implement the solution while IHM, located in Morocco like the Secretary of State, will implement the solution and take care about project monitoring.

IHM guides the Secretary of State

The main goal of the Secretary of State is to benefit from  reliable and efficient tool to digitize all their incoming and outgoing mails.

Almost 200 agents will be equipped with our Elise ECM solution  to manage the 10,000 monthly mails circulating within the ministry.

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