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Become a Smart City with Elise!

Does it take more than 2 minutes to your resident to report a fly tipping? A abandoned car? A street problem?

Does it take more than 2 minutes for your employee to capture a document? Assign a task or follow up on an assignment?

Does it take more than 2 minutes to your management team to download monitoring reports and statistics? Sign all those documents?

We endeavour to smoothen Smart Cities’ business processes from every perspective.

We support your resident, team and intermediaries to embrace the Smart City era.

Join our webcast on Thursday 4th May from 2pm to 2:45 pm (London time) to discover how to become a Smart City with Elise.

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What is Elise for Smart City? 

A tailored ECM solution to effectively manage and process citizen’s requests while improving your quality of service.

Enable your citizens to instantly report any incident, at any time, using any communication channel.

What’s in it for your Smart City?

  • Drive collaboration between citizens, employees and institution
  • Greater employees work comfort and productivity
  • Streamline your business processes. A 100% paperless approach.

Webcast Elise for Smart City | NeoLedgeRegister for our webcast

Empower your local government with better capture of information flows and put your citizens at the heart of the decision-making process.

Discover illico, the integrated, multichannel management software solution for cities

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