Like many businesses, you generate more than your fair share of content. From proposals and contracts, to product specifications and customer communications, valuable data—in both paper and digital form— is spread across your organization.

Start Your Digital Transformation With DocFactory ECM Solution

Maintaining the volume of paper and digital documents your business generates each day is one challenge, controlling it all is yet another. Your digital transformation should include streamlining and protecting your digital assets.

The Advantages of DocFactory for Multi-channel Content Management

The key to business success often is in your data, but if you can’t find it, then how can you use it? DocFactory not only simplifies the digitization of your documents, but also automates the capture, routing and signing of your documents. Extend the power of your Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution with these added benefits:

Universal Digitization Server:

You likely have multiple scanners in multiple offices, states or even countries. DocFactory connects all your scanners into one central platform, regardless of geographic location, so you can scan documents from any scanner and know everything is accessible from one spot.

Automatic Routing:

It’s easy to scan a document and then forget to put it in the right place. As documents are scanned, DocFactory automatically identifies, separates and routes your documents to the right scanning folders or departments.

Document Correction and Format Retention:

With DocFactory, your documents will look just like their originals and offers automated document correction and enhancement tools.

Smooth Integration with Applications:

Whether you’re using Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco, Elise or other solutions for content management, DocFactory offers several integrations and connectors to capture and extract information from your existing applications.

PDF Advanced Electronic Signature:

DocFactory includes a PAdES so you can automatically sign and time stamp your documents to guarantee origin and authenticity, as well as gain an efficient e-invoicing service.

Discover DocFactory

Going Paperless Is Not Enough In the Digital Era

Many businesses are going paperless, but when you want to gain full control over your digital assets,  you are ready for a comprehensive ECM tool like DocFactory. This one-stop-shop solution provides complete digitization, supporting a paperless office, while also giving you full control to tailor the tool to your unique content and business needs.

Don’t let your content be a burden, stifling business growth or threatening client relationships. Contact NeoLedge for guidance as you start your digital transformation with DocFactory.


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