New Elise ECM customer : General Inspectorate of Congolese Army

A wish to modernize the internal processes:

The General Inspectorate of Congolese Army is in charge of all the Democratic Republic of Congo armed forces (air force, land forces and navy). This Inspectorate is directly connected to the Ministry of Defense.

The General Inspectorate wished to conduct a massive project of modernization especially by implementing an electronic management system for all circulating mails. 

Management of mails was done so far manually : mails were not digitized and all information were recorded in a register. The Inspectorate has then decided to launch a real digital transition in order to progressively industrialize electronic mail management.

This project has been implemented through our Congolese partner Africa Business Agency. Its local presence in Congo enables to ensure quality follow-up in order to support the General Inspectorate in its adaptation to our Elise ECM solution.

The solution implementation :

inspectorat général

Numerous documents are circulating within the General Inspectorate such as mission orders, exit permits or roadmaps. Each document will now be electronically processed from its digitization to its storage through its processing. In order to benefit from a full digitization process, the General Inspectorate will be equipped with :

The goals of the General Inspectorate:

The main expectations of the General Inspectorate concerning the implementation of our Elise ECM solution are :

  • Files classification depending on unity, section, platoon, etc
  • Mails and telegrams digitization
  • Documents consultation on different supports (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • Computerisation through electronic form of military posting data sheets
  • Traceability of modifications made on documents


inspectorat généralThe data and information circulating within the General Inspectorate are highly sensitive since they are related to national security. The availability of our Elise ECM solution to deal with confidential information is one of our main strengths to answer our customer’s stakes.

Based on a rigorous rights management, our Elise ECM solution enables to provide secured transmission and circulation of data while guaranteeing seamless traceability.

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